About Zeep Aftercare


Established in 2006, I began my herbal endeavor providing local markets and the online community with natural hand made soaps through zeepsoap.com. Over the years I have researched and developed a variety of body care products that utilize powerful plant constituents I find growing locally. I have created two unique recipes that have become staples for my own everyday skincare and piercing protection.


Delving into the forests and fields of North East Washington state, I hike or ride horseback to sustainably collect these particular plant species.  The plant medicines I utilize are most potent picked fresh and I pride myself on making the effort to venture into the woods near my home to hunt for the finest specimens.








Returning home, I take the fresh plant material, process it, and fill large glass containers. The plant material is then covered with extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, sealed, covered and sun infused during the summer months. The plant saturated oil infusions are melted together with local beeswax and I mix in carefully chosen essential oil combinations.

My balms are always made in small batches, ensuring freshness and potency. The goal is to provide effective remedies for the concerns of the piercing community using wild-harvested plants, hand crafted plant infusions, and potent essential oil regimens.

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